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Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest Vision

Everyone in the Pacific Northwest will receive care that honors personal values and goals at the end of life.

What is the Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest Program? 

The Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest offers a website that is a comprehensive portal of resources from communities across the state. Our goal is to inspire adults of all ages to create their personal end-of-life care plans and connect people to the tools they need to get started. We also provide resources to guide people through sharing those plans with their loved ones and health care teams.

Health care professionals involved with this work or interested in learning more about how they can be better prepare for conversations around end-of-life care with patients, can find local training resources, research and other information through this website.

Organizations participating on the Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest Program offer facilitated advance care planning conversations to patients based on the Respecting Choices® First Steps® model. Included in this program are certified facilitators who speak with people of all ages and stages of health regarding concerns about end-of-life care. These facilitated discussions also define how to identify a health care agent, someone the person believes is willing and trustworthy to make medical choices if he or she is unable. Most importantly, the inclusion of religious and cultural beliefs which influence care choices are also revealed, and attendees often leave these discussion forums with advance directives completed.

Learn about joining the Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest Program or becoming a Community Partner.