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What is a Community Partner?

There are many organizations in Washington that are in various stages of advance care planning efforts. Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest (PNW) has partnered with several organizations to be supportive and provide the necessary resources to make a difference in our region. These community partners—such as clinics, hospitals, health systems, community groups, and faith-based organizations—are helping fulfill the vision that everyone in Washington state receives care that honors personal values and goals in the last chapters of life.

How Do I Become a Community Partner?

If your organization is committed to ensuring everyone in Washington state receives care that honors individual’s personal values and goals at the end of life, Honoring Choices PNW welcomes you to apply to become a Community Partner. Please determine that you meet the criteria, and complete the form below.

Community Partner Definitions:

  • Organizations that have committed to enroll in the Honoring Choices PNW plan to implement Respecting Choices First Steps curriculum, and/or;
  • Organizations that have committed and have shown significant efforts to promote advance care planning. Significant efforts include:
    • Investing resources to promote conversations for advance care planning;
    • Determining measures of success and showing improvement on those measures; and
    • Establishing strategies for sustainability or growth of a program.
  • Organizations that support Honoring Choices PNW through actions such as:
    • Providing content experts to serve on Honoring Choices PNW committees
    • Producing positive media portrayal and exposure about the Honoring Choices PNW program, and/or
    • Providing other gratis services for the advancement of the Honoring Choices PNW program. 

Community Partner Interest

Please complete the form below, and we will reply to you soon. 

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Describe how your organization supports advance care planning. What resources and strategies are you currently using or do you plan to use?

What measures do you use to demonstrate progress? What are your results?

What is the plan for sustaining advance care planning in your organization or community?

Additional Notes