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Please browse these articles, reports, commentaries and research summaries that we have compiled for health care professionals who are providing end-of-life care to patients and/or are helping patients plan for their future wishes. If you know of something you think would be beneficial for your colleagues to review, please send us a message with a link to the piece and we’ll consider posting below. 

[table width=”300px”nl=”~~”] Article/Report,Outlet/Group,Summary

End-of-Life Care in the ICU,National Institute of ~~Nursing Research,Communication with families in the ICU

A Hotline for End-of-Life Care,The Atlantic Magazine,Companies offer telephone counseling to patients approaching death

New Conversations About End-of-Life Care,Nursing in the 21st Century,Looks at trends to prolong life at all costs and the value of having conversations about end-of-life care before it’s too late

Blueprint for Community Excellence at End of Life,Whatcom Alliance for Health Advancement (WAHA),Experts and community leaders drafted a blueprint to transform Whatcom County into a center of excellence for those with and impacted by serious life-threatening illness[/table]