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Medicare Wants To Pay Doctors For End-Of-Life Counseling – NPR

AUG 14, 2015

For Jennifer Calnon, end-of-life discussions boil down to this: “This is my life,” she says. “I should be the one who gets to make the decision.”

Calnon, of Mountlake Terrace, is 67 years old and fairly new to retired life. These days she has a list of projects she wants to finish. Like finishing the pillowcase she started years ago for her daughter’s birthday and cleaning out her junk room.

“It’s either that or my final revenge, which will be making my children clean out all my junk,” she says laughing.

One thing Calnon is leaving in order is her advance directive. She had it drawn up, along with her will several years ago. She had given a copy to her doctor’s office and didn’t think much about it until last week. That’s when her doctor asked whether the document still matches how she feels. Read or listen to the full piece here.

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