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I’m a doctor. Preparing you for death is as much a part of my job as saving lives.

by Shoshana Ungerleider on October 19, 2015 It wasn’t until just before graduation that we talked about what to do when a patient is dying. A single three-hour seminar with a group of specialists from the palliative care service; at least it was mandatory. The presenters were young physicians, and they seemed kind and thoughtful. But I wondered why anyone would devote their medical career to end-of-life care. My classmates …Read More

We Need To Talk About How You Want To Die

It’s a discussion that most people avoid: end-of-life planning. Doctors say it’s important to have these conversations while you’re still able. But let’s face it, talking about advanced directives can be uncomfortable, even terrifying. KUOW’s Ruby DeLuna talks with Dr. Joanne Roberts of Providence Hospital in Everett and Dr. Randall Curtis at Harborview about having the conversation – with patients, and with their own families. Click here to read the story and hear …Read More

Personal Stories Offer Education – Share Yours

One way to educate about important topics is through stories. Stories that people can relate to on an emotional level are especially effective at providing a lasting message. Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest would like to share those experiences you may have had with end-of-life care conversations with your family or loved ones, or maybe an experience with a “beautiful death” or a “bad death”. Watch this video to hear about …Read More

Survey Reveals People are Filling Out Advance Directives

The importance of having a conversation about end-of-life care with loved ones and physicians offers little room for dispute, however, getting your wishes in writing is also very important. According to the article,”… as of 2010, 72 percent of Americans age 60 and older now have some type of advance directive in place, up from 47 percent just 10 years earlier.” Read the story about Dominic and how his wishes were …Read More

What really matters? Chocolate Cake

Often health care professionals focus on a ‘checklist’ of questions to identify the underlying reasons for a persons physical, mental or emotional health. This may not always get to the answers that matter most to individuals.  Read more about this personal account from a medical student based on finding out what really matters…and why. Click to read article…

“An advance directive is just a piece of paper — that’s not enough”

Talking about what your wishes are for end-of-life care with your loved ones and health care professionals, well before you are unable to have those conversations, increases the likelihood of having those wishes honored.  According to the New York Times article, “…as of 2010, only 26.3 percent of American adults had prepared such a document (advance directives), according to a nationally representative survey of 7,946 participants.”  The article also takes …Read More