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Making the end of life part of health care

The Boston Globe – by The Editorial Board THE NEWS EARLIER THIS month that Medicare plans to reimburse doctors for conversations with patients about medical treatment at the end of life represents an important step forward for public policy in health care. It also signals a welcome shift to a more open attitude toward a subject most people would rather avoid. In short, the agency is proposing to support open …Read More

How to Talk About Dying

The New York Times Opinionator by Ellen Goodman I was 25 when I flew home for my father’s last birthday. His cancer had returned and he would die three months later at the age of 57. What I remember most about that weekend was the large rectangular gift box he opened. My mother had bought him a new suitcase. I don’t know if that suitcase qualifies my family for the …Read More

April 16th is National Healthcare Decisions Day

Watch this inspiring video to learn more about the importance of advance care planning and how the National Healthcare Decisions Day is promoting the Speak Up campaign. Watch the brief the video and think about “who will speak for you?”. Click here to find more information about National Healthcare Decisions Day.  

Medical Students Exposed to Hospice End-of-Life Care

One of the repeated themes over the past year has been the lack of knowledge, comfort and communication skills that physicians and health care professionals face with their patients at end of life. The University of New England is doing something about this by immersing medical students into hospice and palliative care programs.  According to the article, “…the pilot Hospice Immersion Project provided unique exposure to end-of-life care in a …Read More