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What doctors know about death that the rest of us don’t

WRITTEN BY Danielle Teller Physician and researcher Yet another story recently surfaced about how doctors don’t die like everyone else. Doctors die quietly at home, surrounded by family—not in the hospital like most Americans. This difference has been ascribed to knowledge about the limits of modern medicine and experience with the horror of lingering deaths on life support, and there is doubtless truth in those ascriptions. As a physician and …Read More

We Need To Talk About How You Want To Die

It’s a discussion that most people avoid: end-of-life planning. Doctors say it’s important to have these conversations while you’re still able. But let’s face it, talking about advanced directives can be uncomfortable, even terrifying. KUOW’s Ruby DeLuna talks with Dr. Joanne Roberts of Providence Hospital in Everett and Dr. Randall Curtis at Harborview about having the conversation – with patients, and with their own families. Click here to read the story and hear …Read More