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Timing is Everything: Improving the quality and timeliness of critical end-of-life conversations

End-of-Life Talks DOA? New System Seeks Remedy Bridget M. Kuehn March 15, 2016, Medscape http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/860405 CHICAGO — An intervention that included physician training, a system for identifying patients nearing the end of life, and electronic medical record prompts led to more and earlier end-of-life discussions, according to new research. In a cluster-randomized trial, a systematic intervention involving the discussion of end-of-life care was compared with usual care in adult oncology outpatients. Results …Read More

Changing the Conversation from “What’s the Matter?” to “What Matters?”

A Vision for “What Matters to You?” What if every clinician, staff member, and community health worker routinely asked, “What matters to you?” — and listened attentively at every encounter with individuals and their family members? What would we learn? How would understanding “What Matters” enhance our ability to develop genuine partnerships with individual patients? Clinicians, health care staff, and community health workers around the world seek to understand the …Read More

GINNY SUGIMOTO | Planning for end-of-life care – Kitsap Sun

When it comes to planning for end-of-life health care, the first impulse for many people is to avoid the topic. End of life is something many of us would prefer not to think about. But considering your wishes, and documenting them, is one of the most important things you can do. That’s partly because we all have a different idea of what constitutes the best amount and type of care, …Read More