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Doctor wants patients to reclaim dying as part of living

Dr. Ira Byock, a national expert on palliative care, will talk about how to live and die well. When: 6-8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015 Where: Spokane Convention Center, 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. Cost: Free Info:http://washington.providence.org/events/phc/ira-byock-conference/ or www.providence.org/institute-for-human-caring. October 25, 2015 Erica Curless The Spokesman-Review Americans are dying all wrong – spending too much time and money in hospitals and intensive care units receiving invasive treatments instead of enjoying those last, valuable days …Read More

I’m a doctor. Preparing you for death is as much a part of my job as saving lives.

by Shoshana Ungerleider on October 19, 2015 It wasn’t until just before graduation that we talked about what to do when a patient is dying. A single three-hour seminar with a group of specialists from the palliative care service; at least it was mandatory. The presenters were young physicians, and they seemed kind and thoughtful. But I wondered why anyone would devote their medical career to end-of-life care. My classmates …Read More

Experts on Dying, Aging as They Lived – from the New York Times Opinionator

By ALEXANDRA BUTLER JUNE 17, 2015 At 10 years old I knew my parents did not wish to be resuscitated nor plugged into machines in the event of serious illness. They told me they were not afraid of death but rather of being kept alive at any cost. I knew they would refuse medical interventions, if they felt there was no purpose except to separate the dying from their deaths. They were …Read More

The Right Paperwork for Your End-of-Life Wishes

There is much confusion around this issue among patients and their families, and unfortunately among physicians as well. Which form is the right one? Who should have a copy? An advance directive – each state has its own – is indeed an important legal document. Like any insurance policy, it is intended to prepare its owners in advance for difficult times. Read the full opinion piece here…  

Australian Professor Talks About ACP

Associate Professor Charlie Corke, an Intensive Care Specialist in an Australian hospital speaks from a physicians perspective on the importance of advance care planning. He points out that talking to loved ones, family and medical professionals increases the likelihood that a patients wishes will be honored for near end -of-life care. 

Making Certain Your Wishes are Known to Family and Physicians

Often wishes for end-of-life care are diligently written down, providing very specific details about an individuals preferences for care should they be incapable of stating those wishes. Many times these documents are then placed in a safe or tucked away for ‘when that times comes’. However, just having a document is never enough. Read about what happened to one family…

CEO at Pullman Regional Hospital Supports Advance Care Planning Efforts

Pullman Regional Hospital, located in Pullman Washington, has been diligently working on improving end-of-life care through integration of numerous initiatives over the past few years. They have also been excellent partners with the Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest program. Recently, the hospital CEO Scott Adams, posted a blog that provides insight into their commitment to advance care planning and education in their community. Watch the Video to learn more…

What really matters? Chocolate Cake

Often health care professionals focus on a ‘checklist’ of questions to identify the underlying reasons for a persons physical, mental or emotional health. This may not always get to the answers that matter most to individuals.  Read more about this personal account from a medical student based on finding out what really matters…and why. Click to read article…

Medical Students Exposed to Hospice End-of-Life Care

One of the repeated themes over the past year has been the lack of knowledge, comfort and communication skills that physicians and health care professionals face with their patients at end of life. The University of New England is doing something about this by immersing medical students into hospice and palliative care programs.  According to the article, “…the pilot Hospice Immersion Project provided unique exposure to end-of-life care in a …Read More

Watch Atul Gawande’s Exclusive Video – Being Mortal

This FRONTLINE documentary is based on renowned author and surgeon  Atul Gawande’s  recent book “Being Mortal”. The  almost hour-long video brings heartfelt personal stories about advance care planning and what it means to think about and talk about quality of life when an individual is in their last chapters of life. This is an incredible video for both the health care professional and the public. Watch it here…