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Teens Dying Of Cancer Face Intensive Treatments In The Final Days

On the big screen, Hazel and Gus, the teenage couple from The Fault in Our Stars, walk the streets of Amsterdam hand in hand, sip champagne at a fancy restaurant and gaze at each other lovingly on a park bench overlooking a canal. For a moment, you almost forget that Hazel has thyroid cancer and Gus has osteosarcoma.

In real life, most teenagers and young adults with terminal cancer have to suffer through chemotherapy and other intensive treatments in their final days of life, a study finds. Augustus Waters did too — he died in the ICU soon after their Europe adventures, off-screen.

For 68 percent of patients, those interventions include chemotherapy, treatment in the intensive care unit or emergency department, or hospitalization in their final month. Read the rest of the piece here. (Shots – Health News from NPR)

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