Educating and mentoring others to have facilitated advance care planning conversations is essential to expanding a program. These Instructor materials focus on certifying individuals in the Respecting Choices First Steps Facilitator course.

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Copyright Information

RC 0010 Copyright Restrictions and Disclaimers v10.18 a2019.10

Instructor Notes & Documents

RC 1211 FS Instructor Responsibilities v08.18 m2019.10

RC 1212 Preparing to Teach 10 Steps v11.18 m2020.11

RC 1214 FS Instructor Prep List 11.18 a2019.10

HCPNW RC FS Facilitator Course Request Form m2019.10    and  HCPNW RC FS Facilitator Course Request Instructions m2019.10

RC 1201 Email to Participants v11.18 m2019.10

RC 1101 FS Facilitator Course Agenda 7 and 8 hrs v11.18 m2019.10

RC 0078 Facilitator Certification Course Set Up v08.18 m2019.10

RC 1213 Instructor Guide to FS Facilitator Course Agendas 7 and 8 hrs v10.18 a2019.10

RC 1216 Following a RC FS Facilitator Course…5 Steps v11.18 m2019.10

Presentation Materials


RC 1100 RC FS Facilitator PowerPoint v03.19 SEA-20191126 m2019.10


RC FS Facilitator Cert Course YouTube Video Links 04.20

Participant Folder Materials (front to back order)


1 RC 0046 ACP Communications Skills Card 2-sided

2 RC 1143 ACP Conversation Guide Healthy Adult 2-sided

3 RC 1132 Intro Guide 2-sided

3a HCPNW Intro to ACP m2020.09

4 RC 1135 FS Standard Role-Play 1 Green 10.18

5 RC 1145 ACP Conversation Guide Chronic Illness 2-sided

6 RC 1136 FS Standard Role-Play 2 Blue 12.18

7 HCPNW CPR Guide m2019.10

8 RC 1137 FS Standard Role-Play 3 CPR HCPNW

Information & Tools

1 RC 1100 FS Facilitator PPt Generic Handout v03.19

2 RC 1102 Facilitator Responsibilities v11.18

3 RC 0010 Copyright Permissions v02.19

4 HCPNW Advance Directive v2021.05

5 Significant Neurological Disability Definitions m2020.09

6 RC 5000 RC CPR Position Paper 03.18

7 RC 1127 FS Summary + Follow-Up v11.18

8 ACP Conversation Evaluation m2020.09

9 RC 0003 Facilitator Self-Assessment v11.18

10 RC 0002 ACP Facilitation Record v11.18

11 RC 1140 Facilitator Handbook m2019.10

12 RC 0033 Making a Difference v09.17

Supplemental Materials

RC 1110 FS Facilitator Course Evaluation v11.18 m2019.10

RC 0068 Instructor Record Keeping Tool v09.17 a2019.10

HCPNW Sample CME Language m2019

Virtual Course Resources

Instructor Files

ACP Facilitator Course Attestation Virtual Course 04.20

FS Facilitator Cert Course YouTube Video Links_04.20

RC 1151a FS Facilitator Agenda Virtual Course COVID 04.20

RC 1251a FS Facilitator Prep Letter Virtual Course COVID 4.20

RC 1253a Instructor Guide to Facilitator Virtual Course COVID 4.20

Participant Files

1 RC 1143 FSConvGde 09.18 FINAL SECURED

2 MC 520-E Health Agent Card v12.19 SECURED

3 MC 750-E CPR Fact Sheet 11.18 SECURED

4 Proactive Care Planning Conversation COVID 19 rev 4.13.2020

5 Scheduling Proactive Care Planning for COVID 19

6 Proactive Care Planning for COVID 19_A Guide for High Risk Adults

7 RC 1140 Facilitator Handbook to FS Conv 08.19 SECURED

Certification Documents