This session was invaluable for me. She took some very complex topics and helped me really understand them.

It was so helpful to hear myself say my wishes out loud.

The facilitator was the perfect person to ask these hard questions about end of life. She was warm, comforting and very easy to talk with. Very happy I came today.

Great job of listening and then restating what she heard. She was able to ask probing questions to get deeper insight.

Thank you for your patience with my tears. It was unexpected and made me feel normal and safe.

Great facilitated service. Everyone should have this planned or recorded with their medical record.

I feel much better knowing my daughter does not have to try and figure out what I want when my time comes and I know that she will follow my choices.

It really was not that hard to complete the paperwork. Having the discussion with my wife and daughter was harder, but I am glad we did talk. I realized they really did not know what I wanted.

Not knowing what my brother wanted at the end-of-life made our families’ decisions emotional and uncertain and left us wondering if we made the right choices for him.

Stuck with me.  Listened to stories, compassionate, good listener

Helped us think about/perspective of healthcare possibilities and what we would want

Really helpful and we will follow through! Thank You!

Dreaded coming but was very happy, needed this

Did a great job in questions and helped make me understand the living will and very personable.

Very thorough, a great service

Good point was made.  Everyone should do this

Thank you so much for providing this workshop